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If you have a field or a mystery that you would like us to investigate please contact us:

Investigation Invitation

The Field Detectives is a group of historians that seek opportunities to survey fields that can tell us more about how our historic landscapes evolved. By sharing the findings from our field surveys, we help to inform and re-engage people with their local heritage. One of our favourite sayings is “Every field tells a story”.

The Mill Farm Historic Landscape Study


On Thursday 6th June 2024, The Field Detectives concluded the Mill Farm Historic Landscape Study with a cake-topped presentation to Anthony and Caroline Thomas. The study took seven years to complete and you can read all about it here.

At the heart of the study was the Shilcock Family, who lived and worked at the mill from the early 19th century to the 1960s.

Their story can be found here

What started out as landscape investigation, evolved into a special relationship that can be described as a real treasure of amazing memories. If you would like to view The Mill Farm Historic Landscape Study Appendices, please contact The Field Detectives at or via our contact page to register your interest and we will send the reports via WeTransfer.

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