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The Field Detectives have a saying; ‘whether you are on the field or off the field, we are all on the field’. The phrase pays respect to our broad collaboration of research colleagues, whose collective contributions to our historic landscape studies have proved invaluable.

As we step into our 25th year, a testament to the relationships we have built with landowners and our heritage sector colleagues can be evidenced by the longevity of the landscape studies that we continue to investigate to this day. Built on the foundation of trust, we are proud to be worthy of the continued friendship of so many wonderful people.

On behalf of The Field Detectives, I would like to welcome Steph and Neil to our portfolio of investigations.It’s not every day that you can announce the beginning of a challenge that could change the way we think about the Stone Age.The Field Detectives have embarked on an experiential archaeology journey with The Prehistory Workshop – It’s a first for us!

Click here to see what happened at our first meeting

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